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Ollie Ella

See-Ya Suitcase, 4 colors

See-Ya Suitcase, 4 colors

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A cabin carry-on size that slides under the bed or stacks sweetly in the playroom. Perfect for kiddos aged 2 - 6 years old. Keep bits and bobs {like Play’n Pack Forest & Dinkum Doll accessories} snug inside with zip compartments and clothing clips. Plus! An elastic strap on the outside so your little one’s toys can come too {palm-sized Holdie Folk pals fit perfectly}. Made for road trips or sleep overs, and to store small treasures at home.

Now made with recycled PET {saving 8 plastic bottles from landfill!}

Product specifications:
Length 40 cm
Width 26 cm
Height 17 cm
Weight 1500 grams
Values Recycled Materials
Made in China
Brand Location Netherlands
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