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Rattle - Spring Garden - Bee

Rattle - Spring Garden - Bee

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This rattle made of teddy and velvet is easy to grab and hold on to. It has the shape of a sweet little flower, but it's also available with a bee. It's no problem if your baby drops the rattle again after grabbing it. The rattle is so soft that it won't hurt your baby. This makes it great for grabbing practice.

There is a bell in the little flower, that tinkles softly when your baby moves the rattle. Your baby will want to repeat this again and again. And since the rattle is so soft, your baby can also cuddle it after play time.

Spring Garden

Look how cute! The Jollein collection has been expanded with activity toys. These items will stimulate the senses of your little one and provide hours of entertainment for your baby. You can use these fun baby toys in the stroller, in the playpen, in the carseat or in the buggy. Perfect for at home and on a trip! The toys depict all kinds of things that you can spot in the park. Such as a little flower, a duck, a bee and a ladybug. Your little one will have fun discovering all of them. Which is your favourite?


The little flower is available in the colours Biscuit and Honey Gold.


The rattle is 8 cm tall.


The little flower is made of 100%. polyester. The flower itself is made of pettable Teddy and the stem is made of soft velvet. The filling is 100% polyester fibre fill. There is a metal bell in the toy.

Product details

Weight:11 gram
Weight:7 gram
Product height :21 cm
Product width :9 cm
Product length :22 cm
Certified organic cotton:No
CE certification:Yes
GOTS certificate:No
FSC label:No
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