Collection: Jollein

Jollein's Story
''The story of Jollein is a story of family, hard work, moments of happiness and challenges. All this has made Jollein what it is today. For 50 years, we have been present for all the first moments a new family experiences: the first nap with the baby, the first bath, the first hug, and the first snack. At Jollein, we carry products that are soft, safe, of high quality, and come at an affordable price. But how did this all start? It all began with a few rolls of fabric, an old DAF truck and an ambitious entrepreneur.
Amsterdam, 1973. Wim Sr. has three sons and is happily married to Gonnie. Wim Sr. has to find a way to support his family, after being told that the textile company he works for is bankrupt. Leaving no stone unturned, he decided to buy a few rolls of fabric and take them to a sewing workshop. Driving in a refurbished old DAF truck, Wim Sr. would meet with people to sell to. This became the hallmark of Jollein and so the family business was born.

Often Wim Sr. took his youngest son, Wim Jr., along too. Wim Jr. really grew up with the company, accompanying his father from the age of 5. The family business soon grew and so, at the end of the 1980s, the first building was bought to store all the goods, with an adjoining large workshop. Products could now be produced in-house to ensure fast delivery. If a customer wanted a product made of a specific fabric, then the workshop began work that very same day to ensure delivery for the following day. After all, a happy and satisfied customer was and is the most important thing!
Wim Sr. and Wim Jr. were on the road a lot together while Gonnie kept everything running at the base. To support the growing company administratively, Marrit was hired in the early 90s. And soon there was not only a match between Marrit and Jollein, but also with Wim Jr.! The two remain happily married to this day and are proud parents to three children.