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Musical Hanger Teddy Bear Biscuit

Musical Hanger Teddy Bear Biscuit

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This sweet little bear will sing for your little one! This musical hanger plays the tune ''sleep, dear child, sleep'' when you pull the string. This can have a calming effect on your baby. You can combine this musical hanger perfectly with a Teddy Bear pacifier cloth. Tip: Play the tune frequently near your belly while you're pregnant, and you will see that it'll feel familiar and soothing to your newborn baby. That's why the musical hanger is a great baby shower gift. And it's also a perfect maternity gift.


The musical hanger is available in the colours Biscuit, Leaf Green and Naturel.


100% Boucle polyester. The inside is filled with 100% polyester fibre fill

Product details

Weight:110 gram
Weight:0 gram
Product height :20 cm
Product width :17 cm
Product length :21 cm
Certified organic cotton:No
CE certification:Yes
GOTS certificate:No
FSC label:No
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