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Ollie Ella

Rattan Basque Basket

Rattan Basque Basket

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Meet your new Basket staple, Rattan Basque Basket!
Sturdy, stylish, and handmade from 100% Rattan, Basque Basket is simply a wonderful, hold-all Basket! Whether it’s for trips to the markets, beach, or a picnic, this basket is unsurprisingly easy to fill and carries everything you need with ease.
Basque Basket features two strong Rattan wrapped handles and can hold up to 10kg {that’s ALOT!}.
Perfect for out and about adventures and great for filling with toys, household essentials, or anything you need to hide away at home too.
Rattan Basque Basket makes a pretty sweet Dinkum Doll carry Basket as well!

Made with 100% Natural Rattan

Handmade in Vietnam

Features sturdy Rattan wrapped metal handles

Holds up to 10kg!!

Features an internal iron frame and handles

Due to this item's handmade nature, weaving and rattan consistency varies with each product, making it unique and genuinely artisan in nature!

For ages 3+

Dimensions: L 42cm x W 27cm x H 34cm

Weight: 0.75 kg

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