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Babygym Toys - Moon & Stars - 4 Pieces

Babygym Toys - Moon & Stars - 4 Pieces

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These four play figures are suitable for use in combination with the Jollein wooden baby gym. They are made of soft teddy and come in the colours pink, nougat or green. From approximately 10 weeks your baby will get more need for triggers, playing and looking around. The perfect moment for the baby gym because it provides an extra challenge. Get your wooden baby gym now and decorate it with these love figures in the shape of two moons and two stars. Put your baby in it on something soft and let's play! Your baby will find it fascinating to see the toys moving and will enthusiastically kick its feet or start making sounds when grabbing one of the toys or touching it so that they will start moving even more. The use of the baby gym will stimulate the gross and fine motor skills and it will stimulate the senses. Your baby will soon get more control over its grabbing techniques and will learn that toys start moving when you touch them or grab them. So, the baby gym is very valuable. The baby gym toys from Jollein are delivered without the wooden baby gym. The baby gym is available separately and easy to put together. The Jollein collection has several matching baby gym toys available. You can easily attach and remove the baby toys so that you can change them and the gym will stay interesting and challenging for your baby.




The cord for hanging the toys is 22 cm.


100% polyester teddy.


Do not let your baby alone with the baby gym. Stay close to your baby.

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Suitable from the age of (months):0
Suitable up to the age of (months):36
Weight:260 gram
Weight:60 gram
Product height :5 cm
Product width :10 cm
Product length :20 cm
Adjustable in length:No
Adjustable in height:No
CE certification:Yes
FSC label:No
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