Collection: Leo et Lea

Leo et Lea's Story 
''Leo and Lea, as pretty and useful, poetic and practical, soft and designer! Welcome to baby's world, re-imagined and enhanced.
Created in Strasbourg with a lot of love, and never at random, ‘Leo and Lea’ accessories, as trendy as they are functional, are designed as real gifts to celebrate the daily life of babies and mothers (not forgetting dads of course.)

Minimalist design, with easy-to-mix colors, all ‘Leo and Lea’ products are made from high quality, natural, sourced materials. The wood used is 100% PEFC certified. Silicone, used in the food industry, is toxic-free. Enough to grow up in the good and beautiful, in complete safety!

Shellfish to chew on for the first teeth, cloud plates to make meals lighter, starfish to stack up to the sky ... stimulating dreams and imagination in your daily life through touch is absolutely essential for ‘Leo and Lea’ and… (your baby)!

All moms and dads love it, your customers will see (baby) life in pink ... but also in mustard yellow and shell white, in short, it's up to you!''
Brand location:  Strasbourg, FR