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Wooden Racetrack Classic

Wooden Racetrack Classic

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On your mark, set, departure!

This click-clack wooden racetrack with a stable base promises fast-paced action when the four small wooden cars whiz down the ramps.
On their journey from floor to floor, they do funny somersaults and are great fun.
White lacquered and natural wood in combination with the classic color design of the ramps makes the track an eye-catcher that blends discreetly into every children's room.
Promotes motor skills as well as eye-hand coordination and keeps the children's room from getting bored!
Stored on the children's shelf, the racetrack integrates perfectly into any room design, because natural wood and white-lacquered wood dominate the look.


Product specifications

Length 28 cm
Width 10.50 cm
Height 28.50 cm
Weight 1 grams
Material Wood
Made in China
Brand Location Germany
Recommended age
18+ months
Number of pieces
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