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Wooden Memo Safari Cards

Wooden Memo Safari Cards

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On safari in the children's room!
This memo game requires concentration and memory to uncover the 14 identical pairs of images.
The child-friendly wooden panels show cute safari motifs in trendy colors so that children can immerse themselves step by step in the adventurous world of wild animals.
The little ones not only train their memory while playing, but also get to know the inhabitants of the savannah, from an early age.
So that children don't have to go without their favorite game, the board game can be easily stowed away in the matching wooden box and taken with you everywhere you go. In the car, to the park, to the grandparent's house, on the plane, to the beach, literally anywhere. And a little competition who get to win first matching up the pairs.


Product specifications

Length 12.10 cm
Width 12.10 cm
Height 5 cm
Material Wood
Made in China
Brand Location Germany
Recommended age
Number of pieces 15
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