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Wooden confetti

Wooden confetti

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The Kindsgut wooden confetti is a versatile and reusable decoration that gives the table a festive look in no time. Whether it's a birthday, christening, starting school, passing the seahorse or a name day - fortunately there are many reasons to celebrate - our subtle wooden confetti can be spread quickly and easily on the table and make your eyes shine! And best of all: the confetti made of certified wood can be used over and over again, saving a lot of waste that would be generated with disposable decorations.

There are no limits to creativity when using it. The confetti can easily be spread around the table in a colorful way; you can use it to place figures, numbers or words or, depending on the occasion, decorate it with only selected colors.

With its subtle colors, the confetti fits harmoniously into any living environment and is equally suitable for boys and girls.

  • Great quality : The high-quality wooden decorative confetti ensures long-lasting party fun for the whole family - whether it's a birthday, christening or school day, the table decoration stands up and can be used again and again.
  • Environmentally friendly : The reusable wooden confetti is made of high-quality wood and is produced in an environmentally friendly way.
  • For every taste : The decorative wooden confetti consists of a tasteful and subtle unisex color combination that is equally suitable for boys and girls.
  • The perfect gift : The wooden confetti is ideal as a birthday decoration for young and old.
  • With attention to detail : The wooden confetti is beautifully packaged and delivered in a high-quality Kindsgut box.
  • Support : By purchasing this product you support the preservation of forests.
  • Dimensions : 12 x 10 x 4 cm, includes 40 pieces with a diameter of 3.4 cm

Kindsgut X : Forests are the basis of life for us – and our children. For every wooden product sold through our shop, we plant a tree in partnership with to support important reforestation projects in Africa.

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