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Tasty Wooden Coffee Machine Set

Tasty Wooden Coffee Machine Set

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For the barista of the children's kitchen!
In addition to the modern coffee machine, this complete set made of wood includes two coffee capsules, and coffee-to-go cups, a sugar bowl with lid/spoon and a milk jug with milk foam caps.
The coffee capsules that fall into the cups and which are stylishly decorated with the magnetic milk foam, certainly ensure realistic fun!
Subtle colors such as light smoky blue, white and lots of natural wood make this kitchen set an eye-catcher!
The coffee machine can be fitted with a coffee capsule at the top, which falls through the slot into the cup when the lever is actuated.
The conical shape of the coffee capsules ensures that the capsule always falls horizontally into the cup.
The magnetic milk froth can be removed with the milk jug and poured onto the cups. The "milk froth hose" is a fabric-coated wire that can be bent in all directions, with a milk froth cap attached to the end with a magnet.
The balanced Design and modern colouring fits particularly discreetly into modern children's and living room ambience.


Product specifications

Length 18 cm
Width 15.50 cm
Height 21 cm
Weight 1 grams
Material Wood
Made in China
Brand Location Germany
Recommended Age
Number of pieces

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