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Stretchy wrap Dark Grey

Stretchy wrap Dark Grey

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A lovely stretchy wrap! Not too thin and not too thick and wonderfully soft! In short, the perfect sling made of tricot to carry your baby.
A stretchy wrap is suitable for carrying your baby in the first year. You tie the cloth on your stomach and then put your baby in it. This is wonderfully comfortable to wear and fits like a tight-fitting T-shirt.
This stretchy wrap is also ideal for on the go and easy to tie.
You can already tie the sling at home and when you have arrived at your destination you help your child in the sling. The stretchy tricot sling is a perfect basic if you want to start wearing it. Very nice quality for a nice price. This way you can easily keep your child close and meet the needs of your child. Wearing in a (stretchy tricot) sling is very helpful with colic, crying and restlessness.
And you have your hands free. In short, this tricot sling from our basic line should not be missing from your baby set. The stretchy sling has a 'cute' size. This one suits every posture. So whether you wear XS or XXXL, it doesn't matter. 

These lovely stretchy tricot wraps are made of 100% cotton. The length is 5.00 meters. This means that everyone can wear this wrap. Would you rather be able to wear it longer and also be able to vary in the knots on your stomach, hip and eventually back.

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