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Snack bowl with silicone lid 3-pack (Aqua/Grey/Keylime)

Snack bowl with silicone lid 3-pack (Aqua/Grey/Keylime)

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The Snack Bowl Set is a complete tableware system created to help your Mini start eating on his own.
The special 90° angle makes it both fun and easy to handle different types of food.
The beautiful modern design and soothing colors keep the focus on food and eating while the removable suction foot keeps the bowl firmly in place.
This set includes: 3 x snack bowls 3 x lids
Reasons we love it:
Everything you need for a complete meal
Detachable suction foot builds up feeding capacity and transitions as Minis grow Silicone bowl lid ensures less mess and easy storage
Family safe materials, biodegradable and food approved
Easy to stack and store
Dishwasher safe
Material Bowl: plant-based and biodegradable and petroleum-free
PLA Lid: 100% approved silicone
Product dimensions (cm) / Weight / Volume 13.2 x 13.2 x 4.7 / 112 (g) / 400 (ml)

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