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POLKU balance beam L - birch

POLKU balance beam L - birch

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POLKU balance beam is a fun and creative balance training track for children. It is designed to encourage children's creativity while supporting the development of their gross motor skills and balance skills. Thanks to its differently shaped beams, it offers endless possibilities for creating fun and challenging courses, ideal not only for children to learn how to balance their bodies in response to changes in height and direction, but also for unleashing their imagination by exploring and creating different types of tracks. For example, beams can be made into the shape of an ice cream, a car, a bear or a lemon - only your imagination is the limit!

The POLKU balance beam is not only an ideal product for developing motor skills and creativity, but is also ideal for children to learn social skills and play with friends while building tracks. With our wide range of beams, we guarantee that this product will provide your children with hours of fun - playing on the lava floor, competing with friends or making rules for crossing certain types of beams are just a few of the many ways children love to play with it!

The POLKU balance beam is available in three different sets – S, M and L. All sets consist of different beams and connectors. There are four types of beams in total: long straight, short straight, long curved and curved, and two types of connectors that can be stacked on top of each other for added height and challenge.

POLKU S is a perfect option for the youngest children who have already learned to walk and are ready to explore their balance and coordination skills. We recommend placing the beams on the ground without the connectors first and becoming familiar with the rail before moving higher off the ground.

If the child has already gained some experience with balancing the body and running on the beams, POLKU M is a good choice to increase the level of difficulty and build their first tracks. Set M can also be easily added to expand an existing S set to allow for a greater amount of variation when your child has been balancing for a while and is ready to move on to the next level.

For more advanced balancers and fearless beam track designers, we have the POLKU L, which features a total of 8 beams and 10 connectors to create the most imaginative tracks. L is definitely the first choice if several children want to play with the track at the same time or you simply want to give your little designers more bars to play and explore!

Note that you can also purchase additional beams or connectors from the FitWood website to expand your existing set or build your own special ensemble!

Please note that the birch color of the POLKU balance beam has been treated with pure wax to enhance the natural light tone of the birch wood.

Dimensions: See the measurements image of product images for detailed information.

Net weight: 7,6 kg

Materials: Sustainably sourced birch plywood.

Made in Latvia, handcrafted

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