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NUPPU Rocking Chair - White

NUPPU Rocking Chair - White

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NUPPU is a rocking chair like no other. Its soft and fun abstract shape allows it to be used in both ways, so it can also serve other purposes. When turned upside down, NUPPU transforms from a rocking horse into a small desk and a small bench or children's bedside table.

As a rocking chair/horse, NUPPU builds children's confidence and develops their body control by regulating the rocking movement and speed. With time and repetition, children learn to control the back and forth movement with their body and can test the limits of their speed.

When it's time to move on to less intense activities, the rocking horse can easily be turned over to use as a small station for calming activities, such as playing with playdough, building puzzles, or exploring books. To maximize space utilization and product longevity, the desk and bench have been designed to also serve as a practical bedside table for children.




Dimensions: 75cm L x 40cm W x 50cm H

Net weight: 6.9kg

Materials: Birch.

Handcrafted, Environmentally friendly, Made in Latvia
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