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Night Light - Cuddly Rabbit Sleepy

Night Light - Cuddly Rabbit Sleepy

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The cute night light cuddly Sleepy with its pretty fur conquers the hearts of all babies. With its numerous grasping points such as the ears, the arms or the scarf, the cuddly offers sufficient opportunities to promote motor skills and the sense of touch. The integrated night light with its 7 natural colour tones and a music box with white noise, sea, heartbeat and lullaby sound has a calming effect and thus promotes the child's peaceful fall asleep. In addition the cuddly has a detection mode that plays gentle melodies for 15 minutes when the child starts to cry.

  • Soft cuddly to cuddle and play with
  • Cute design with ears, paws and tail for grasping
  • Integrated night light with 7 colours and music box with soothing melodies
  • Automatic detection when baby cries
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