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Learning Clock

Learning Clock

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The Kindsgut learning clock made of wood combines cute unisex design with high quality - for long-lasting fun. The individual parts made of robust and equally light wood feel wonderful in the child's hand thanks to the curves and ensure that learning the time is a lot of fun. The plug-in clock consists of 13 parts so that your child can not only learn what time it is in a playful way with the adjustable hands - but also have to put the numbers in the correct order beforehand and thus improve their counting skills. The pedagogically valuable learning toy is therefore the ideal support for promoting your child's cognitive abilities. Depending on the developmental level of your child, the learning clock is suitable from the age of five.

  • Great quality : the high-quality wooden learning clock ensures long-lasting fun - even for siblings.
  • Environmentally friendly : The beginner's watch is made of high-quality wood, is free of harmful substances and processed in a way that is suitable for children.
  • Educational toy : The wooden clock provides educational fun for children from the age of five.
  • For every taste : the unisex learning clock is equally suitable for girls and boys.
  • The perfect gift : The beautiful wooden watch is ideal as a gift for a fifth or sixth birthday or for a special occasion such as Christmas or Easter.
  • With attention to detail : the learning clock is beautifully packaged and delivered in a high-quality Kindsgut box.
  • Support for : By purchasing this product you support the preservation of forests.
  • Dimensions : 35 x 4 x 40 cm

Kindsgut X : Forests are the basis of life for us - and our children. For every wooden toy sold through our shop, they plant a tree in partnership with to support important reforestation projects in Africa.

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