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LAAKSO rocking lounger / climbing arch

LAAKSO rocking lounger / climbing arch

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LAAKSO is a rocking lounger ideal for moments of respite from your daily activities and providing a place to relax. Following in the footsteps of our popular children's version LUOTO, this rocking lounger is specifically designed for adults to provide comfort.

The gentle rocking motion has been proven to have numerous calming and relaxing benefits, such as: B. reducing stress and anxiety, improving sleep quality and increasing concentration. Whether you like to relax by reading a good book, playing video games, watching your favorite series or knitting, LAAKSO is the perfect cozy place for it. For maximum comfort, combine it with our soft OHRA pillow and uninterrupted relaxation is guaranteed.

The LAAKSO rocking lounger was designed in Finland and manufactured in the EU from sustainably sourced birch plywood. It is available in birch color.


Weight: 6.6kg

capacity: 0.05 m³

Dimensions: 124.4cm x 64.2cm x 43cm

Net weight: 5.6kg

materials: Birch plywood and aspen

Made in Latvia

The OHRA pillow was developed to complement the LAAKSO rocking lounger and takes your moments of relaxation to a new level. Crafted with the same dedication to comfort as the rocking lounger itself, OHRA provides support and softness that cradles you in soothing comfort.

While the beautiful workmanship and attention to detail underline the design of the rocking lounger, the firm, soft padding ensures that your leisure moments are pure bliss. With seven tightly filled compartments and easy attachments at both ends of the pillow, OHRA guarantees that nothing stands between you and your uninterrupted moments of relaxation.

The OHRA pillow is designed and manufactured in Finland. It can be machine washed at 40°C on a gentle cycle.


Weight: 5.2kg

0.14 m³

Dimensions:180cm x 66cm x 13cm

Net weight: 4.2kg

materials: Fabric = 87% recycled cotton / 13% recycled polyester. Filling: 60% recycled polyester / 40% foam chips

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