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Fire Truck Pedal Car

Fire Truck Pedal Car

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A “collector's” pedal car for children!

Inspired by the 1930s, with a delightfully retro style, this metal car is very well equipped with a chrome grille, two large headlights and a windshield handle. Well installed at the wheel of this superb very chic and charming car, the little ones will be proud to come aboard to set off on an adventure!

In a child’s imagination, the sky’s the limit, so at BAGHERA' they wanted their pedal fire truck to have real accessories to help their creativity flourish.

Before the advent of hard-shell safety helmets, racers wore fitted caps to reduce wind resistance and goggles to allow better vision at top speeds. 

Baghera's set reproduces that vintage look and is a fitting accessory for little speed demons.

Product Specifications

Material Metal
Colour Red
Values Ethics
Made in China
Brand location France

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