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Fabric Fruit Set in a Wooden Crate

Fabric Fruit Set in a Wooden Crate

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The wooden fruit box is filled with two apples, two oranges, a kiwi, a melon and a banana made of soft plush.
The special feature: thanks to Velcro, the plush banana can be peeled like a real banana.
Fruit Alert! This fruit set brings delicious fruit to the table in the children's kitchen. Exactly the right thing for the fruit and vegetable department in the shop!
In this way, motor skills are promoted while playing and active role play is encouraged. The fruit is designed true to the original and brings healthy food closer to children.
This play food set enables creative play ideas and lets children act out real everyday situations.
For fruity fun in market shops and children's kitchens.


Product specifications

Length 17.90 cm
Width 11.80 cm
Height 9.50 cm
Material Felt
Made in China
Brand Location Germany
Recommended Age 24+ months
Number of pieces 8
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