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Engraved Elegance MAMA Set x Paulina Kart

Engraved Elegance MAMA Set x Paulina Kart

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Discover the unique elegance of mama-collection in our exclusive design cooperation with mom and blogger Paulina Kart!

Our MAMA Swarovski collection presents style and class in a refreshingly modern form. Made from high quality 925 Sterling Silver that has been finished with an 18k gold plating and a durable vacuum coating.

A piece of jewellery that perfectly complements your personal style and at the same time makes a statement with the MAMA engraving.

The gold adjustable bead on the necklace's clasp ensures a custom fit and comfortable fit, while the high quality chain ensures the longevity of the jewellery.

♡ The perfect mom bracelet and necklace set for any occasion
♡ Ideal gift for any mother or mother-to-be
♡ Everyday jewellery
♡ Developed & lovingly designed by mothers

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