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Beach Sand Bucket with Toys - Abstract

Beach Sand Bucket with Toys - Abstract

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Ready for great beach fun? Check out this awesome Beach Playset Sea Star! Completely designed to entertain your kids and let their creative brains run at full speed. Made of super sturdy silicone material, this beach toy can take a beating, even on the rough beach. The set contains a cute bucket, a handy scoop and 3 shapes that look like crazy starfish. Let your kids' imaginations run wild as they build magical underwater worlds in the sand. And it gets even better! The play set comes with a handy bag that allows you to shake all the sand and water out of the toy in no time. Super simple, so that it is quickly ready for the next beach adventures. The Sea Star beach play set is not only the perfect toy for little beach lovers who love to play. 

Product specifications

Weight 425 grams
Material PVC
Values Dutch Design
Made in China
Brand Location Netherlands
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