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Baby Wrap Baby Woven Organic - Brown

Baby Wrap Baby Woven Organic - Brown

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Essentials Organic Woven Wrap

This line of slings is so adorable! A wonderfully subtle and soft sling. Not too thick and not too thin, but just wonderful to tie with and suitable for every season. A perfect cloth also for very small children such as premature and dysmatures. This can be used from birth well into toddlerhood.

This line is made of 100% organic cotton. Easy to maintain and available in 10 beautiful natural colors! You can wear it on your stomach, hips and back.

A woven sling is wonderful! And as far as we are concerned, perhaps the most versatile choice. These slings can be used from day 1 until well into toddlerhood. You can wear it on your stomach, hips and back and a woven cloth gives you and your child optimal support.

This sling is also used for babies who were born prematurely. Even if they are very small, a woven cloth can be used very well.

The sling distributes the weight optimally and therefore this sling is also very nice if you like good support while wearing it. You partly tie a woven cloth with your child in it. This means that you can optimally tighten the cloth. A woven sling is a great choice if... want to be able to carry your baby from day 1 want to be able to carry with a sling for a very long time, so well into toddlerhood would like to carry your baby very close to you, because the wrap supports your child optimally like being able to vary with lots of different buttons on your stomach, hip and back like to practice a bit with knots, so that tying comes naturally afterwards. It's not difficult, but it takes some practice. like to make a good investment.

Material: 100% organic cotton
Length: 4.60 m, Width: 72 cm

Size selection: Women's size 34-44, Men's XS-L
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