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ALAVA Balance Board

ALAVA Balance Board

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The ALAVA Balance Board is a simple yet powerful tool to improve your core strength, coordination and balance in the comfort of your own home. Thanks to its small size, it will take you everywhere, and its beautiful and carefully crafted design ensures that you always have your workouts at hand since you don't have to hide it between workouts.

The board is designed to train body control and strength. Good overall body control reduces the risk of injury, and balance training can help improve your posture, improve your coordination, and aid in rehabilitation. Since the exercises are based on bodyweight training and there are countless ways to increase the level of difficulty, ALAVA is suitable for anyone who wants to improve their balance as well as for advanced board athletes. The harder the surface, the faster it usually goes, so we recommend starting balance training on an exercise mat or another slightly softer surface. ALAVA guarantees fun and challenge for everyone, regardless of age or level, but be warned - balancing on it is very addictive once you get into it.

The ALAVA Balance Board is made from sustainably sourced, high-quality birch plywood and is available in birch and white. The board comes with a solid natural cork roller and can also be used as a massage roller or for exercises such as Pilates. To avoid slipping, we recommend using the board barefoot or with appropriate shoes, and for a better grip, you can also attach the additional anti-slip tapes included on your board. The ALAVA Balance Board can withstand weights of up to 120 kg (265 lbs) and has stoppers on both ends of the board to prevent it from slipping off the roller.

Please note that the birch color of the ALAVA balance board has been treated with transparent wax to enhance the natural light tone of the birch wood.

The ALAVA Balance Board was designed in Finland and manufactured in the EU from sustainably sourced birch plywood. It has a two-year warranty for personal use


Board: W 30 cm x D 80 cm x H 2 cm / Roll: W 35 cm x D 10 cm x H 10 cm

Net weight

Carton: 3.2kg / Roll: 0.8kg

Handcrafted, Environmentally friendly, Made in Latvia
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