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AARNI wall bars – available in 5 colors

AARNI wall bars – available in 5 colors

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Please note: This is a Made-to-Order. Ships within 10-20 working days. 

AARNI wall bars are a multifunctional training device for bodyweight training and gymnastics in an innovative and stylish Scandinavian shape. Exercises on the wall bars can be easily adapted to different strength levels, as the intensity of the training can be adjusted e.g. B. can be changed by adjusting the body angle.

Wall bars are an excellent way to get the whole family active. While the wall bars are a great training tool for adults, they are also an excellent tool for children to develop their mobility, coordination, balance and strength. Not to mention the endless hours of fun they can provide the whole family!

Due to the horizontal distance of the top part from the frame, AARNI wall bars enable a greater variety of exercises than conventional wall bars and are ideal for, for example, pull-ups and various abdominal muscle exercises.

Similar to power lifting bars, the top handles of AARNI wall bars have a thickness of 30mm, and the round shape of the rungs and top handles provides a natural and comfortable firm grip. More detailed dimensions can be found under “Dimensions”.

To make the wall bars even more versatile, you can combine them with resistance bands or with our ULPU gymnastics rings. By combining them with our fitness rings, you can perform a greater variety of exercises, from assisted pull-ups to bodyweight rows. For children we recommend ULPU MINI gymnastics rings.

The frame of the AARNI wall bars is made of sustainably sourced, glued solid birch wood. The poles are made of solid birch wood and the upper part is made of durable birch plywood.

AARNI wall bars are designed and manufactured in Finland. They are designed to support an active lifestyle without compromising design or sustainable values.

The wall bars are attached to the wall using two retaining boards. The package contains screws suitable for attaching the wall bars to most common concrete walls or wooden posts behind a plasterboard wall. Please make sure you use screws that are suitable for your walls. FitWood always recommends hiring a local professional to install the wall bars to ensure proper and safe assembly.

Please note that slight bending protects the joints of the wall bars during frequent use. Children should only use the wall bars under adult supervision.

Detailed instructions on how to assemble, assemble and safely use the wall bars can be found in the user manual.

AARNI wall bars are guaranteed for two years (one year for semi-commercial and commercial use). We also do our best to provide replacement parts even after the warranty expires.

Dimensions: 220 (H) x 78 (W) x 54 (D) cm

Net weight: 23.5

materials: Birch wood

Handcrafted ° Environmentally friendly ° Made in Latvia

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