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SOINA's Story


Soina is an Italian brand of accessories for babies and toddlers, founded by a Franco-Italian couple based in the Marche region. Passionate about fashion, Sofia wanted to give modernity to accessories that are not usually fashionable, daring to use trendy colors and childish but sober shapes.
“In the search for modernity, we thought of the ideal products to satisfy families who, like us, are looking for innovative and modern products. When our daughter was one year old, we decided to create the Soina brand, an anagram of the names of our two sons, Sohan and Inaya. We quickly realized that eating would become complicated after a few dozen plates on the floor.
Of course, we looked for the best we could buy for her, keeping our tastes in line. The design of the current products on the market did not suit us. We were looking for a system that prevented them from falling, with a material that was safe and resistant to breakage, but also with a touch of elegance.
So, with the brand concept created, we developed our products and looked for reliable manufacturers based in Asia and Italy to start this new adventure. A project created by young parents for young parents, Sofia and Jacopo.

Brand location: Lido di Fermo, Marche, Italy
est 2021