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Mrs Eartha's Story

Welcome to the world, Mrs. Ertha!

A brand that began with the desire of a full-time mother to make her daughters' room a perfect place for them to play and dream.

A Mrs. Ertha was created in October 2020, as a project that aimed to fill a gap in the toy market: the lack of ethnic and racial representativeness. Our desire was to be able to give our daughters toys that represented them, and that would help them in building their identity.

Today, the brand has grown, expanded and after 3 years, it is considered the best toy brand by "I Love Play Time" and is now on sale in about 1600 stores worldwide.

The basis of our growth is the demand and effort we put into our products, always taking into account the sustainability of the materials and the suppliers we choose.

We create timeless rather than seasonal products, letting them remain in our collection the time they deserve and not the time that the market imposes.

At Mrs.Ertha they find dedication and love, pieces for the youngest and for the adults as well.

Brand location: Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal

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