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Annie&Charles's story
''Hello dear mommies and daddies!
Great that you are here!
My name is Magdalena and I am the mother of four wonderful children named Anna, Karl, Marie and Maximilian.
Of course, my four treasures keep me very busy, but they have enabled me to implement the experience I have with them every day and pass on helpful products to you. This wouldn't be possible without my loving husband, who supports me every day. Thanks honey!
In the meantime, our team has grown and we are constantly trying to find new helpful products for mommy life and to design and produce them with love for you.
How Annie & Charles came about?
I've always wondered why there isn't a site where I can get the best products for my favorite things. What was also important to me was always the experience of a mother and not of a large corporation that is only interested in making a profit.
The answer was quickly found - I am a mom myself and want to help other moms and pass on my good and of course not so good experiences through helpful products! A mother's time with her children is always the most valuable and important, which is why I always wanted to save myself a long search for good equipment. Life as a mother is often stressful and challenging enough, which is why we can get support without feeling guilty. And lo and behold - suddenly I was not only able to enjoy time with my children, but also had time for my relationship again.
What is also very close to my heart and often makes me sad is that not every child in this world is lucky enough to grow up in a secure, safe and loving environment. That's why it was important to me that I do a small part to make at least a few children on earth happier. That's why we donate every order to children in need.
For me personally, the most important thing is that my children grow up with a lot of love. Which is why my slogan “grow with love” came about. I hope I can pass on a lot of joy and love to you and your treasures with my products.
All love!
Your Magdalena''
Brand Location: Zell am See, Austria