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Piccola Italia! Plywood Shelf With Stickers

Piccola Italia! Plywood Shelf With Stickers

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And here they come, the Dekornik shelves: It's my house!

Plywood shelves have actually been in their portfolio for quite some time and they've been thinking of decorating them differently and giving them some new character. Finally, they came up with idea to do it by introducing their decor to four nationalities: French, Italian, Dutch and American. This way everyone will be able to choose a shelf according to the decor of the room or... their residency.

The shelf is made of bright, nice, quality plywood. We add a set of stickers as well. The template with stickers measures 42 cm 62 cm and you can apply them on the front of the shelf if you want to. This is the coolest part of it all!


The shelf has a dimension of 42 cm x 62 cm.

Each of them has two shelves for placing light objects. The depth of the shelves is approx. 10 cm after assembling.
The template with stickers also has a size of 42 cm x 62 cm and consist of 14 self-adhesive elements. It is enough to peel off each of them and apply on a wooden shelf. They can also be gently peeled off the shelf at a later time and the wooden surface will not be damaged.

What's important, no tools are needed to assemble this shelf, neither a screwdriver nor nails! The furniture does not contain any metal elements! It is recommended to hang the shelf on the wall with small screws that you will also find in a package. The screws and its holes are then covered by the horizontal shelves so that after hanging the shelf on the wall, it all looks neat!

Have fun and wonderful decorating! 

Product specifications
Material Paper, plywood
Made in Poland
Brand Location Poland
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