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Magnolias Wallsticker

Magnolias Wallsticker

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Please note: Due to the measurement and sizing options, this product is available as a Pre-Order. Usually ships within 5-10 days after placing the order.

Dekornik's Magnolias are a set of six wonderful flowers and are everyone's favorite pattern. They say they were looking for a similar product in Polish stores and couldn't find anywhere a wonderful leafy set that would boost both your creativity and the decor of the room. That is why they decided to design the set themselves. Three large flowers as the basis of the composition while three additional smaller leaves complete the look.


L set will be perfect for a large wall next to a cradle or above the bed. A pastel but large and strong accent of the room decor.

S set is ideal to decorate a play corner or a surface over a small table or a minidesk. This S set is an additional element for the room and not its main focus as the largest flower in this template is about 60 cm big.

NOTE: This design is a fantastic solution if you still have a cradle in your master bedroom. Flowers will then perfectly separate the room space reserved for the child.

Set L consists of:

3 large flowers with dimensions: 96 cm, 70 cm, 54 cm
3 small flowers measuring from 25 to 40 cm
twig 40 cm high
and 3 leaves measuring approx. 12 cm each

Set S: consists of:

3 large flowers, 65 cm, 50 cm and 36 cm
3 small flowers measuring 17 to 27 cm
twigs 27 cm high
and 3 leaves measuring approx. 8-10 cm each

In visualizations are used L sets. 

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